Customize theme

After your finished customizing your theme, delete this page and the link in the footer.

Customize page titles and their background images:

The page title settings can be customized via the Customizer.

For the regular pages go to appearance / customize / page layout /

For the blog archive page and the single blog posts go to appearance / customize / blog posts / then select single post layout or archive layout.

The background images of the blog archive page and the single post pages are set in the customizer. For the regular pages, the featured image is shown. To change the featured images, go to the particular page, and then in the settings on the right change the featured image.

Customize sidebar:

On the services pages you see a sidebar on the left. To adjust those items, go to the admin dashboard / appearance / widgets / then select sidebar 1 and adjust the items.

The first item, with the services overview, is a navigation menu, which you can adjust via the admin dashboard / appearance / menu / and then select the ‘services’ menu.

Customize footer:

To adjust the footer items go to the admin dashboard / appearance / widgets / then adjust the widgets, footer 1 till footer 5.

Customize colors, buttons and fonts:

The colors, buttons and fonts can be adjusted via appearance / customize / general / then adjust the colors, buttons and typography. Some have their own styling. To adjust those, go to the particular page, hit the edit button and change it there.

Custom css we used:

We only used css for the gap between the sidebar and the main content, and the vertical space between the recent posts in the footer. To check the css, go to appearance / customizer / additional css /

If you have a question about the theme customizations, feel free to send us a ticket.